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Run Julius Live

1. First you need to create your Julius configuration file.  Copy this sample configuration file sample.jconf to you 'voxforge/howto' folder.  For details on the parameters contained in your sample.jconf file, see the Juliusbook.  The main parameters are shown below:

# VoxForge configurations:
-dfa sample.dfa     # finite state automaton grammar file
-v sample.dict      # pronunciation dictionary
-h acoustic_model/hmmdefs    # acoustic HMM (ascii or Julius binary)
-hlist acoustic_model/tiedlist     # HMMList to map logical phone to physical
-spmodel "sp"		    # name of a short-pause silence model
-multipath          # force enable MULTI-PATH model handling
-gprune safe        # Gaussian pruning method
-iwcd1 max          # Inter-word triphone approximation method
-iwsppenalty -70.0	# transition penalty for the appended sp models
-smpFreq 16000		  # sampling rate (Hz)
-iwsp			          # append a skippable sp model at all word ends
-penalty1 5.0		    # word insertion penalty for grammar (pass1)
-penalty2 20.0	    # word insertion penalty for grammar (pass2)
-b2 200             # beam width on 2nd pass (#words)
-sb 200.0		        # score beam envelope threshold
-n 1                # num of sentences to find

# you may need to adjust your "-lv" value to prevent the recognizer inadvertently 
# recognizing non-speech sounds:
-lv 4000			# level threshold (0-32767)

# comment these out for debugging:
-logfile julius.log

2. Make sure your Microphone volume is at a setting that is similar to when you created your audio files. 

3. Then run Julius with:

$cd voxforge/howto
$julius -input mic -C sample.jconf


4. The Julius will display its startup information on your screen.  You can begin speaking when you see:

 ----------------------- System Information end -----------------------

Notice for feature extraction (01),
    * Cepstral mean normalization for real-time decoding:       *
    * NOTICE: The first input may not be recognized, since      *
    *         no initial mean is available on startup.          *

### read waveform input
Stat: capture audio at 16000Hz
Stat: adin_alsa: latency set to 32 msec (chunk = 1536 bytes)
Error: adin_alsa: unable to get pcm info from card control
Warning: adin_alsa: skip output of detailed audio device info
STAT: AD-in thread created
<<< please speak >>>

The first 2-3 seconds of your speech will not be recognized as Julius adjusts its recognition levels.  You may need to adjust your volume to get better recognition results.

You should get fair recognition results.  To improve recognition, your Acoustic Model needs more audio training data.  You need to create new prompts, and record more speech audio files based on these prompts in order to create better Acoustic Models.  However, with an automated script, it is much easier to record additional audio data.

To add more speech audio to your Acoustic Model, keep the audio and prompts you have already created, and follow the steps in this how-to:

  • add your new prompts to the prompts file you created in Step 2,
  • record new audio files corresponding to the your prompts as shown in Step 3,  and
  • Update your codetrain.scp file to include your new audio files, and re-run the training script as shown in Step 4. 

As you add more audio data, you will begin to notice improvements in your recognition accuracy, and it will reach a point where you no longer need to add any additional training data.

The steps in this how-to are for the creation of a single user Acoustic Model.  To create a multi-user Acoustic Models, simply get other people to contribute audio as shown in the previous steps, and re-run your script.



By visitor1 - 11/30/2015 Search Failed Error: Hello ken, I made this demo for few Hindi words. I used Ubuntu 14.0.04. I While run this demo it gives me following output. Can you please tell me why it is giving "Search Failed" error? I am unable to apprehend these errors.

By TRP - 7/8/2013 - 1 Replies Hi,

By manthan - 10/11/2011 - 3 Replies in the final step after applying command line

By cvani - 4/8/2011 - 35 Replies hi when i ran julian then it gave me the follwoing error...could anyone tell me what is the problem?? thank you

By ale.78 - 6/18/2010 - 1 Replies Hi, I'm following the tutorial and using Windows vista, Cygwin, HTK3.3, julian by julius 3.5.2.

By Leonardo - 11/24/2009 - 1 Replies When I execute ./julian -input mic -C julian.jconf it results in this:

By Visitor - 11/21/2009 - 1 Replies when i tried to excute this command julian -input mic -C julian.jconf, no information is displayed.That means no error or others. please help me to correct it.