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Step 1 - Task Grammar

Create a new folder in your home directory and call it 'voxforge'.  Create another directory within this folder and call it 'howto'.

Create a file called sample.grammar in your 'voxforge/howto' folder, and add the following:


Still in your 'voxforge/howto' folder, create a file called sample.voca, and add the following:

% NS_B
<s>        sil

% NS_E
</s>        sil

PHONE        f ow n
CALL        k ao l

DIAL        d ay ah l

STEVE        s t iy v
YOUNG        y ah ng

FIVE        f ay v
FOUR        f ao r
NINE        n ay n
EIGHT        ey t
OH        ow
ONE        w ah n
SEVEN        s eh v ah n
SIX        s ih k s
THREE        th r iy
TWO        t uw
ZERO        z iy r ow

For details on the file formats, see Step 1 - Task Grammar, in the Tutorial.

Compiling your Grammar

Download Julia mkdfa.jl grammar compiler script to your 'voxforge/bin' folder to compile your grammar files (sample.grammar and sample.voca) as follows:

(note you only need to execute the "cd" command if you are not already in the "auto" directory)

$ cd voxforge/auto      

$ julia ../bin/mkdfa.jl sample
sample.grammar has 3 rules
sample.voca    has 6 categories and 18 words
Now parsing grammar file
Now modifying grammar to minimize states[-1]
Now parsing vocabulary file
Now making nondeterministic finite automaton[6/6]
Now making deterministic finite automaton[6/6]
Now making triplet list[6/6]
generated: sample.dfa sample.term sample.dict

This creates 3 files: sample.dfa, sample.term and sample.dict.


By Wageesha - 11/4/2016 - 1 Replies Hi I'm new to Julia. I want to compile mkdfa.jl script with .grammar file and .voca file. I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the site and have creates ./bin and ./tutorial folders.

By spirit1920 - 2/21/2016 - 2 Replies Hi everyone,i am new to this and i am facing a problem. When i run the command "julia ../bin/mkdfa.jl sample" the result i get is this:

By Visitor - 6/30/2014 - 1 Replies I'm a begginer. my system don't know and show this message error '' is not recognized as an internal or external command

By oohmygod - 6/20/2012 i'm also comfimed convert it to unix with notepad++ it's worked !!

By cvani - 4/1/2011 - 3 Replies hi

By Giovanni - 11/15/2010 - 2 Replies When i did

By swbluto - 9/8/2010 I had this problem when running the script:

By aspirant - 8/22/2010 - 4 Replies i did the same as given in the instructions of converting to juliun.

By LGL - 4/19/2010 Try to use

By kpap - 3/3/2010 - 1 Replies I'm running the script from the same folder I've already put sample.grammar and sample.voca files. My OS is Windows 7. I got the following error :

By Amit Surana - 4/3/2009 I know its way too late reply for above question. But someday someone might find it useful.

By ethan oconnors - 6/6/2008 - 7 Replies When I try to convert to the Julian format I put in sample and get this message cannot open "sample.grammar" at /Julius/bin/ line 66. What am I doing wrong? HELP!!!

By royerfa - 2/22/2008 - 2 Replies Hello, I am new in VoxForge. I try to follow the Tuto, and I have a Lexical error step 1. In fact this is my problem. royerfa@royerfa-laptop:~/voxforge/auto$ sample sample.grammar has 3 rules sample.voca has 6 categories and 18 words --- Now parsing grammar file "rror: Lexical mistake " Error: cannot open "sample.dfa.tmp" --- no .dfa or .dict file generated And I am surprise because with the example from It Works without problem. Do you have any sugggestion for me .