Help! "Error :LoadError : failed process..."
User: Tuyen
Date: 3/16/2016 3:41 am
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Hi , I'm trying to use HTK in Window 7. When I complie the .grammar and .voca files with mkdfa.jl file, I have error below:

"sample.grammar has 3 rules
sample.voca has 6 categories and 24 words
generated: sample.term
Now parsing grammar file
"rror:       Lexical mistake "
ERROR: LoadError: failed process: Process(`mkfa.exe -e1 -fg 'C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\jul1EB6.tmp/g3384.grammar' -fv 'C:\Users\sev_user\AppData\Local\Temp\jul1EB6.tmp/g3384.voca' -fo sample.dfa.tmp -fh 'C:\Users\user\AppData
\Local\Temp\jul1EB6.tmp/g3384.h'`, ProcessExited(1)) [1]
 in run at process.jl:531
 in main at C:\Users\user\voxforge\bin\mkdfa.jl:152
 in include at boot.jl:261
 in include_from_node1 at loading.jl:304
 in process_options at client.jl:280
 in _start at client.jl:377
while loading C:\Users\user\voxforge\bin\mkdfa.jl, in expression starting on line 165"

I don't know how to fix it. Can U help me?

Thank you!

Re: Help! "Error :LoadError : failed process..."
User: colbec
Date: 3/19/2016 6:19 am
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The error output is suggesting that there is an error (possibly a typo) in the .grammar file. One way to debug is to go back to a very basic and simple grammar/voca setup (such as provided in the Voxforge tutorials) and verify that mkdfa works in that case. Then gradually adapt and retest the known working setup to your own custom grammar until the error pops. Then you know where the error is.

Make sure in composing your grammar and voca files that you use a very simple plain ASCII editor to ensure that you don't use any weird characters which might cause mkdfa to choke.