ERROR: LEXICAL mistake while parsing grammar file
User: Sharma
Date: 7/6/2016 8:02 am
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I obtained an error that said lexical mistake after creating the term file.

Now parsing grammar file

"rror:       Lexical mistake "

ERROR: LoadError: failed process: Process(`mkfa.exe -e1 -fg 'C:\Users\Sharma\AppData\Local\Temp\julD297.tmp/g2672.grammar' -fv 'C:\Users\Sharma\AppData\Local\Temp\julD297.tmp/g2672.voca' -fo sample1.dfa.tmp -fh 'C:\Users\Sharma\AppData\Local\Temp\julD297.tmp/g2672.h'`, ProcessExited(1)) [1]

 in run at process.jl:531

while loading C:\Users\Sharma\voxforge\bin\mkdfa.jl, in expression starting on line 164

The issue was resolved on using the same grammar file and adjusting my vocabulary. In your case, the sentence can take two forms Call Name or Dial Digit. I wish to use only one alternative,i.e, Call Name for my dictionary in the Kannada language. That dosen't work and gives me the lexical mistake error. Do I need to modify the mkdfa.jl file? Is that why I got an error?

Re: ERROR: LEXICAL mistake while parsing grammar file
User: colbec
Date: 7/7/2016 4:03 am
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Please see previous answer to this question by Ken:

Probably the error has crept in due to using non-ascii characters or line endings.