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How to reduce below error
User: ktr
Date: 4/11/2018 6:38 am
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Whwn I am working for embedded speech recognizer I am running below command

for hmm in sil no okay yes opendor;  do HInit -C UserDelta.cnf -H Data/HMMPROTO/sv_models.mmf -H Data/HMM0/vFloors           -I Data/SV_Segmented_models.mlf -l $hmm -S Data/HTK_files.list           -u mv -M Data/HMM0 $hmm;     mv Data/HMM0/sv_models.mmf Data/HMM0/${hmm}.mmf;  done

then I am getting error as below.....

 ERROR [+5010]  InitSource: Cannot open source file opendor
  ERROR [+7010]  LoadHMMSet: Can't find file
  ERROR [+2128]  Initialise: LoadHMMSet failed
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program HInit

Can anyone help to resolve this issue

Presently i am working on C5535 board