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how to overcome from HERest Warning
User: ktr
Date: 4/17/2018 8:43 am
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while I am running this command

mkdir Data/HMM5
HERest -C UserDelta.cnf -H Data/HMM4/phones_fm.mmf \
       -I Data/Phones_f.mlf -I Data/Phones_m.mlf \
       -S Data/HTK_files.list -M Data/HMM5 Data/Phones_fm.list


I am getting ewarning as below

WARNING [-2330]  UpdateMeans: Model 2[n:m]: no use of mean 3.1.1 in HERest
 WARNING [-2330]  UpdateMeans: Model 3[p:f]: no use of mean 4.1.1 in HERest

Can anyone please help me from overcoming due to this error

Thank you in advance

Thanks and Regards