e0121 What's going on with you? Just trying to get this business cranked up!
e0122 Yeah I've been busier that an one legged man in an ass kickin' contest!
e0123 What have you been up to?  How was your weekend?  What's goin' on this week.
e0124 Congratulations!  That is FANTASTIC!  When is the date?  When will you next be in town?
e0125 Yes, I is here.  About to go to lunch!  Friday may work for me I'll drop you a line in a little while!
e0126 I thought that you were going Skiing?  The guys we went hunting with didn't know what they were doing!
e0127 We drank a lot of beer and whisky, played paint ball, ate BBQ & sat around the campfire.
e0128 Got an open night to grab drinks this week if you are not going skiing?
e0129 Who's going out of town?   That was last Friday when you were going hunting? right?
e0130 I'm going to the gym in a couple of min.  Did you want to meet about the move plans?
e0131 Just wondering if you are at work today or not???  If so - we're going to Happy Hour again
e0132 You suck! Did you get this one?
e0133 This is very good, just like the real thing! 
e0134 Did you try to call my cell yesterday, it rang and your cell number popped up on the caller ID but when I answered there was no reponse.
e0135 I hope that you know that it is OK for you to call me when you want to.  Drop me a line or call
e0136 If you have any questions or timing conflicts give me a shout.
e0137 I should be making it to Happy Hour at the Front  Porch this evening.  Something different.  I need a change.
e0138 Yo, here is my friends boat that is for sale.  He has a bunch more pictures that I can get by tomorrow.
e0139 Here are some pics that Marc took of his house.  There was an auto accident at the intersection in front of his house this weekend.
e0140 One of the vehicles was launched across his yard and into the wall of his garage.  Nice.

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).