e0061 Good afternoon! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday.  Now, it is time to prepare for the next.
e0062 In our meeting on the 17th of November, the network team explained their position relative to possible upcoming purchases of software.
e0063 Bob, you and I spoke briefly after the meeting regarding what, if anything, we could do to "fix their problem".
e0064 I'll book a room and time that works for the majority, and confirm with a "meeting invitation"
e0065 I was able to review our recently completed conference call with Jennifer.
e0066 Thanks to you and Jennifer for arranging.   I will be in attendance at 3 pm and have asked Jim to also attend.
e0067 Per our conversation this morning, the conference call with Peter will be December 14th from 1:30 to 2:30 PM.
e0068 Thank you for getting back with me.  To answer your question:  It is looking more and more like the week of January 8th.
e0069 For example, you would probably attend both days, while some of your team would be there exclusively for the 2nd day meetings.
e0070 As we discussed this morning, Greg, Gerry, and I spoke this morning.  Greg will be getting back to us next week.
e0071 I want to pass on my sincere appreciation for the excellent work and assistance from Colleen during last weeks
e0072 Consider it done.  Tracy will take the lead in getting a deal done.
e0073 Per our conversation this morning, I will list the items in question.
e0074 I cannot tell for sure if you were copied on this so I decided to send it to you for execution.
e0075 If there is anything that I can do to assist you with this process, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
e0076 In closing, thank you very much for the effort that you have expended on this project thus far.
e0077 My apologies, I thought that I had forwarded this information to you last month.
e0078 The absolute correct person for them to meet and who will make the media  buying decision would be Mr Crane.
e0079 Would you like for me to place a call and find out what's going on?  Let me know.
e0080 I look forward to working with your team  on this.  Thank you, Jeff