e0041 Happy Birthday. Email me your phone number and I will call you.
e0042 Regarding the guest password, can you please relay the information to Mike so he can pass it along to the user.
e0043 Let me know what you think.  I will follow up with an email and phone call about Cherry Creek.
e0044 Have your people fill in the columns highlighted in yellow.  As best can we will try not to overlap on accounts.
e0045 Hi Phillip.  We appreciate your prompt attention and completing the Team Selection information.
e0046 We need each person's email address.  It would also be good to have each person's phone number, in the event we need to reach them.
e0047 Greg, Got your message.  Good luck on the bike ride.  What were you doing to your apartment?
e0048 The kids are back in school.  Otherwise just work is going on here.
e0049 I will follow up with a list of our physical deals done yesterday and today.
e0050 Can you give me more details or email  the plan prior to meeting?  What do I need to provide besides headcount?
e0051 Please add Mike to the distribution. On another note, do you have any idea how Patti is holding up?
e0052 I got your email with the attachment.  Let's work together today to get this done
e0053 Today was one of those days because Wade had to go pay his fine and I had to go take him, that takes alot of time out of my schedule.
e0054 I tried the new address but I don't have access.  also, what do I need to enter under domain?
e0055 If you have any questions or conflicts, please feel free to call me
e0056 Please plan to attend a meeting on Friday.   I would like to discuss any issues you have with the way the model works.
e0057 I will call you this afternoon to discuss the things in your email.
e0058 I will be down that weekend, but I am not sure about the rest of the family. All is well here.
e0059 Thank you for hosting a brown bag lunch session yesterday; your presentation was very informative.
e0060 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  We would like to change the date for the request I submitted online.

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).