e0001 Please respond to me as soon as possible with your comments, and please pass it on to anyone else who needs to see it
e0002 Here is my stab at the talking points to be sent in along with the pricing info they requested for the California markets
e0003 I will be out of the office on Thursday.  I will talk to you on Friday.
e0004 Attached please find the spreadsheet containing the above referenced information.
e0005 I received the drawings.  They look good at first glance.  I will look at them in depth this weekend.
e0006 Does this file have a timeline for the investment dollars?  I just want to get a feel for when you will start needing money.  
e0007 I looked over the plan.  It looks fine.
e0008 Do I need to give you the names of our operations group?  Let me know if there is anything else you need.
e0009 I will be relocating effective December 4th.  Can you have me set up with all the required equipment including, PC, Telephone, and cell phone.
e0010 Just a note to check in.  Are there any new developments?
e0011 Here is your hotel itinerary for Monday night.
e0012 As noted in my  last e-mail, the expansion project in Colorado had the incorrect start date.
e0013 Your attachment is not opening on my computer.  Can you put the info in Word instead?
e0014 Please excuse the delay in getting these resumes to you.  Larry did not have his prepared and then I forgot to send them.
e0015 I'll try to get a status report to you latter today.
e0016 can you fill it in yourself? I will sign it.
e0017 Is your understanding that the West desk will receive origination each month based on the schedule below.
e0018 Thank you for the update.  The need is still great for this disk space.
e0019 I spoke to Jeff.  He said he would not pay anything. I am waiting for John to be in a good mood to ask.
e0020 Thanks so much for pulling together the November information and getting it to us with so much detail well before our deadline

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).