Speaker Characteristics:

Gender: male
Age range: Adult
Pronunication dialect: Maritimes, Canada 

Recording Information:

Microphone: Cyberacoustics headset
Audio Card: Built-in audio card
Audio Recording Software: Audacity rel 1.2.3
O/S: Linux - Fedora Core 4 

File Info: 

File type: wav
Sampling rate: 48000Hz
Sample rate format: 16bit
Number of channels: 1


Copyright (C) 2010 MacLean

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Transcriptions (i.e. the prompts file):

*/a0181 So cheer up, and give us your paw. 
*/a0182 This time he did not yap for mercy.
*/a0183 And the air was growing chilly.
*/a0184 Don't you see, I'm chewing this thing in two.
*/a0185 The questions may have come vaguely in his mind.
*/a0186 Like a flash he launched himself into the feathered mass of the owl.
*/a0187 Ahead of them they saw a glimmer of sunshine.
*/a0188 Two gigantic owls were tearing at the carcass.
*/a0189 The big-eyed, clucking moose-birds were most annoying.
*/a0190 Next to them the Canada jays were most persistent.
*/a0191 For a time the exciting thrill of his adventure was gone.
*/a0192 He did not rush in.
*/a0193 It was edged with ice.
*/a0194 He drank of the water cautiously.
*/a0195 But a strange thing happened.
*/a0196 He began to follow the footprints of the dog.
*/a0197 Such a dog the wise driver kills, or turns loose.
*/a0198 Sometimes her dreams were filled with visions.
*/a0199 Thus had the raw wilderness prepared him for this day.
*/a0200 He leapt again, and the club caught him once more.