e0181 Would appreciate any feedback from talk so we can improve Thanks, Rick
e0182 This slipped thru the cracks- are we still going to do? Did you do it already?
e0183 I think you should arrange for a formal presentation of this material to myself and other folks
e0184 great news! i think the ad swap idea is one of the most creative things to happen around here in quite a while.
e0185 This is a good site to quickly find worldwide radio stations on the internet....can sort any way
e0186 Can be very interesting to "tune in" to see a world hot spot when something is happening.
e0187 I wasn't sure you'd know who sent it, but good guess!  He was quite pleased with himself.  Later.
e0188 Thanks.  I frequently pick up my first job after I complete my second shift at home.
e0189 That's why I got the nifty flat screen for my computer -- jealous??  Michelle
e0190 I had not seen any of this before they sent it to you, other than him telling me he was sending you the standard forms.
e0191 I am sure everything can be worked out.  Let me talk to him and get back to you.
e0192 Dan, what is the status of this deal?  I hadn't heard anything for a few days, and I knew we were on a tight time frame.
e0193 It would be most helpful if you give me a range of available dates for both preparation and the deposition itself.
e0194 Thanks for the info.  I just need simple, basic frames.  No decorations or anything.
e0195 That way, they can go anywhere, and aren't specific to a decor, theme, time of year, etc.
e0196 Tell him to chill out -- his client's deposition has been scheduled and rescheduled too many times to count.
e0197 Thanks for trying to call.  I am not surprised by this outcome.   I guess we're bargaining!
e0198 As I mentioned in my voice mail, here is a bullet-point synopsis of my accomplishments for the second half of 2000.
e0199 They must be hurting for business -- but I thought you might want to take a look at their site.
e0200 what do you think?  I suggest that we let them handle that, but defer to your opinion.

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).