e0161 What is to become of Chris?  There is no doubt that his interviewers liked him, but will he be extended a full-time offer?
e0162 I was conducting lots of business back and forth with the Houston office during the drive and just ran out of time.
e0163 Flight times are good.  Please insure that my hotel reservation is for a non-smoking room.  Thanks.  --Sally
e0164 Is there anything that I can do to help you? 
e0165 My son has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but my nanny is at home with him on the other days.
e0166 I hope to make that short and sweet and be back here as soon as I can.    So I should be able to make the meeting at four. 
e0167 Saturday night sounds great, Darlene is in South Africa for the next 2 weeks so I'm ready. Call me at home or at work.
e0168 Tell him if I snowboard like a girl then he skis like my grandmother !!
e0169 Thank you so much for the invitation, but I will be at the Customer meeting in Kansas City otherwise I would plan on attending.
e0170 thank you for taking care of this.  I really appreciate your pro active involvement with the new hires
e0171 hopefully, I am not too late.  If so, just let me know who has copies   and I can borrow theirs.  Thanks.
e0172 good to hear from you.  The meeting went very well. although I was very nervous about this one. Good response from the customers.
e0173 would you please print these off for me on a colored printer.  Thanks. Lynn
e0174 I think it is a wonderful idea.  I, however, will be unable to attend.  I am sure that you will have a wonderful time.
e0175 I don't remember who I used .  Let me look and I will get back to you.
e0176 Of course - come by and collect - I dont have my checkbook but you can put me down for a 25 dollar donation
e0177 We  can go out of town - i would love to get away - have you heard about the hilton in Austin? 
e0178 I have likewise done alot of reflecting about our dinner and the events that followed.
e0179 Great!  I am glad that your trip is postponed - then we will be able to get together.  Call me or write when you get thoses details.
e0180 WOW! that was very powerful.  thank you for sharing this with me.    it makes me want to make a few changes to my life.

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).