e0141 This is certainly a project that will make our lives more difficult for a while, but will be worth it in the long run.
e0142 The big boat show is going on through the thirteenth.  Anybody wanna go?  Give me possible days during the week you can attend.
e0143 Mike's wife decided not to make the trip, so he won't be using the tickets.
e0144 Lunch during the week between Christmas and New Years sounds great to me.  I will be working that week.
e0145 Will I.T. resources make a difference in what we need to deliver and how quickly we can do it?
e0146 thanks--would it be easier to read it to me over the phone so you don't have to type it tomorrow?
e0147 Yes, you are nuts!  I can't believe that you already have so many gingerbread houses made.
e0148 The cookie exchange was fun - fudge is definitely the easy route on that one.
e0149 I will get the recipe from home tonight and will email it to you tomorrow.
e0150 Very belated reply - I am cleaning up old e-mails today, and came across this one that I had not answered.
e0151 I had lunch with Barry yesterday and suggested that they might benefit from attending these meetings.
e0152 Whew!! Your schedule makes me tired!  I am sure that she is happy that you are involved in so many activities with her school
e0153 The week is kind of crazy for us, so I am trying to find a time that will work.
e0154 How about Dad playing golf this week?  What a difference!! I am so glad that he is doing better.
e0155 Do be on the look out for the perfect pack of diaper pins.  I noticed some at a rack at Randall's the other day
e0156 Hope you all are doing fine.  I was on jury duty three days last week - really interesting, but totally screwed up my schedule at work.
e0157 So if you can make one of the other two dates work, I would love to come.  Just keep me posted.
e0158 Thanks for letting us know about Blake.  I just tried to reach him and left a congratulatory message on his answering machine.
e0159 For those of you who are still interested in conducting interviews, we have one last chance for you to volunteer one hour of your time!
e0160 I'm glad to know that she is home.  I can just imagine how much fun those oxygen treatments will be!

Note: These prompts were derived from CMU's version of the public domain Enron Email Dataset (https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./enron/).