New On-line German Dictionary Validation Tool
User: kmaclean
Date: 5/16/2008 10:43 am
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From this post:

I've set up a dictionary tool on . The main task is to paste the entries in the first row on the right (Aussprachen) to the corresponding field on the left.

Now, if it was just that, it would be too easy and too boring...

Often, there are far more variants of the word on the left than there are transcriptions. In these cases it would be nice, if you could add the missing transcriptions (often it is just a matter of appending -? or -? or whatever.

Sometimes the list on the left contains ridiculous word forms -- just leave the corresponding field empty (or press "Wort entfernen", but the result will be the same). It may also happen, that you are asked for the same word more than once (there are different entries for "bin", "ist" "sind" in the wiktionary and each entry will ask about all different sein-forms). If you are sure you've entered a transcription already, then just ignore it the second time.

Sometimes there are actually more transcribed word forms than words on the left. (Or they are different.) Then you can add a word form on the left with "Wort hinzufügen". Note: Often there are different transcriptions for the same word form (?v?ltn?, ?v?lt?n). Usually you would want to pick the form that would be used most in colloquial speech (here: v?ltn?).

Also, there may just be erroneous transcriptions (quite often), where people just guessed how IPA works. It's important, that we catch most of these errors. So you might actually want to start out with the Wiktionary Transcription Guideline which shows, how the transcription *should* be.

To enter IPA symbols into the textfields directly, just type the keys listed on the right (for ? type N) and they will automagically be transformed to IPA. (This works in Firefox, I don't have Windows, so I can't check Internet Explorer.)

Please input your e-mail address or another kind of ID into the first textfield. This way we can later compare who's the most hard working transcriber!

Cheers, Timo


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Website doesn't exit anymore

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finde ich auch nicht ... !!