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What is the VoxForge phoneset?
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/1/2010 12:01 pm
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The VoxForge phoneset is derived from the CMU phone set (cmudict-0.7b) as follows:

The current phoneme set has 39 phonemes

        Phoneme Example Translation
------- ------- -----------
AA odd AA D
AE at AE T
AH hut HH AH T
AO ought AO T
AW cow K AW
AY hide HH AY D
B be B IY
CH cheese CH IY Z
D dee D IY
DH thee DH IY
ER hurt HH ER T
EY ate EY T
F fee F IY
G green G R IY N
IH it IH T
IY eat IY T
JH gee JH IY
K key K IY
L lee L IY
M me M IY
N knee N IY
NG ping P IH NG
OW oat OW T
OY toy T OY
P pee P IY
R read R IY D
S sea S IY
SH she SH IY
T tea T IY
TH theta TH EY T AH
UH hood HH UH D
UW two T UW
V vee V IY
W we W IY
Y yield Y IY L D
Z zee Z IY
ZH seizure S IY ZH ER
Re: What is the VoxForge phoneset?
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/7/2010 1:18 pm
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<Deprecated> We actually used the CMU unstressed dictionary from the  xvoice site (see Notes file).  </Deprecated>

As of May 28, 2015, we are using the cmudict-0.7b phoneset:

AA    vowel
AE    vowel
AH    vowel
AO    vowel
AW    vowel
AY    vowel
B    stop
CH    affricate
D    stop
DH    fricative
EH    vowel
ER    vowel
EY    vowel
F    fricative
G    stop
HH    aspirate
IH    vowel
IY    vowel
JH    affricate
K    stop
L    liquid
M    nasal
N    nasal
NG    nasal
OW    vowel
OY    vowel
P    stop
R    liquid
S    fricative
SH    fricative
T    stop
TH    fricative
UH    vowel
UW    vowel
V    fricative
W    semivowel
Y    semivowel
Z    fricative
ZH    fricative