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How can I execute HTK or Julius commands from my Windows console?
User: kmaclean
Date: 1/1/2010 10:19 pm
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You may want to have Julius and HTK included in your path environment variable.  This way you can execute Julius and/or HTK commands from your Windows console (note that you will not be able to execute bash or Perl scripting commands),

Step 1 - Update your path environment variable to include HTK and Julius

  • Login to Windows with your administrator account;
  • Go to Windows Start menu;
  • Right-click My Computer;
  • Click properties from the right-click menu; 
    • this opens up your System Properties window;
  • Click the Advanced tab;
  • Click Environment Variables button;

  • Go to the System variables window and roll down until you find the Path variable and click on it;
  • Click the System variables Edit button;


  • In the Edit System Variable window, click the Variable Value entry field (this field contains is a long string of directory entries for your system)


  • hit your 'end' key to go to the end of the Variable Value string and then add the following entry (all one line, and include the semi-colon ";" at the beginning of the string) to the end of the Variable Value entry field:          


Warning: be very careful here, you can cause serious problems with your system if you make a mistake. Don't overwrite or delete anything already there.  You are just adding directory entries for HTK and Julius to the end of your current path.

If you think you may have made an error, click the cancel button and restart. 


  • Click OK in the Edit System Variable window

  • Click OK in the Environment Variables window

  • Click OK in the System Properties window


Step 2 - Testing Your HTK/Julius Install

  • Open a Cygwin Console window:
    • Click Start>All Programs>Cygwin>Cygwin Bash Shell;
  • Type in "HVite" in the Cygwin Console;
if your system lists all the options available to the hvite command, then HTK is installed properly.
  • Type in "julius" in the Cygwin Console;
if your system displays version information for Julius, then Julius is installed properly;
  • If you don't see the expected results, review your installation steps for Julius or HTK to determine where you might have made an error.