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Phoneme Coverage Prompts- 15
User: CUE6998_2014_15
Date: 10/1/2014 10:14 pm
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vf15-01 Bill lingered, contemplating his work with artistic appreciation
vf15-02 What the flaming
vf15-03 Mrs McFee's jaws brought together with a snap
vf15-04 Then it is as I said, Womble announced with finality
vf15-05 With them were Indians, also three other men
vf15-06 Dennin's hands were released long enough for him to sign the document
vf15-07 Now Irvine was a man of impulse, a poet
vf15-08 He was just bursting with joy, joy over what
vf15-09 At Lake Linderman I had one canoe, very good Peterborough canoe
vf15-10 Behind him lay the thousand-years-long road across all Siberia and Russia
vf15-11 He had forgotten to build a fire and thaw out
vf15-12 I never saw anything like her in my life
vf15-13 There was no law on the Yukon save what they made for themselves
vf15-14 Good business man, Curly, O'Brien was saying
vf15-15 There weren't any missions, and he was the man to know
vf15-16 And the big Persian knew of his existence before he did of hers
vf15-17 Once the jews harp began emitting its barbaric rhythms, Michael was helpless
vf15-18 But we'll just postpone this
vf15-19 There was the Emma Louisa
vf15-20 This is my fifth voyage
vf15-21 Gad, do I remember it
vf15-22 You got out by fighting, and I through a pretty girl
vf15-23 I can see that knife now
vf15-24 When I can't see beauty in woman I want to die
vf15-25 His slim fingers closed like steel about Philip's
vf15-26 He seized Gregson by the arm and led him to the door
vf15-27 Hear the Indian dogs wailing down at Churchill
vf15-28 Burke himself had criticized it because of the smile
vf15-29 I'd say there was going to be a glorious scrap
vf15-30 He turned the map to Gregson, pointing with his finger
vf15-31 His eyes never took themselves for an instant from his companion's face
vf15-32 Something that Whittemore had not yet said thrilled him
vf15-33 Lakes and rivers, hundreds of them, thousands of them
vf15-34 Whitefish, Gregson, whitefish and trout
vf15-35 They robbed me a few years later
vf15-36 He chuckled as he pulled out his pipe and began filling it
vf15-37 Everything was working smoothly, better than I had expected
vf15-38 I was completely lost in my work
vf15-39 His slim hands gripped the edges of the table
vf15-40 He made no reply as he waited for Whittemore to continue

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