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Phoneme Coverage Prompts- 01
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vf1-01 Author of the danger trail, Philip Steels, etc 
vf1-02 Not at this particular case, Tom, apologized Whittemore 
vf1-03 For the twentieth time that evening the two men shook hands 
vf1-04 Lord, but I'm glad to see you again, Phil 
vf1-05 Will we ever forget it 
vf1-06 God bless 'em, I hope I'll go on seeing them forever 
vf1-07 And you always want to see it in the superlative degree 
vf1-08 Gad, your letter came just in time 
vf1-09 He turned sharply, and faced Gregson across the table 
vf1-10 I'm playing a single hand in what looks like a losing game 
vf1-11 If I ever needed a fighter in my life I need one now 
vf1-12 Gregson shoved back his chair and rose to his feet 
vf1-13 He was a head shorter than his companion, of almost delicate physique 
vf1-14 Now you're coming down to business, Phil, he exclaimed 
vf1-15 It's the aurora borealis 
vf1-16 There's Fort Churchill, a rifle-shot beyond the ridge, asleep 
vf1-17 From that moment his friendship for Belize turns to hatred and jealousy 
vf1-18 There was a change now 
vf1-19 I followed the line of the proposed railroad, looking for chances 
vf1-20 Clubs and balls and cities grew to be only memories
vf1-21 It fairly clubbed me into recognizing it 
vf1-22 Hardly were our plans made public before we were met by powerful opposition 
vf1-23 A combination of Canadian capital quickly organized and petitioned for the same privileges 
vf1-24 It was my reports from the north which chiefly induced people to buy 
vf1-25 I was about to do this when cooler judgment prevailed 
vf1-26 It occurred to me that there would have to be an accounting 
vf1-27 To my surprise he began to show actual enthusiasm in my favor 
vf1-28 Robbery, bribery, fraud, 
vf1-29 Their forces were already moving into the north country 
vf1-30 I had faith in them 
vf1-31 They were three hundred yards apart 
vf1-32 Since then some mysterious force has been fighting us at every step 
vf1-33 He unfolded a long typewritten letter, and handed it to Gregson 
vf1-34 Men of Selden's stamp don't stop at women and children 
vf1-35 He stopped, and Philip nodded at the horrified question in his eyes 
vf1-36 She turned in at the hotel 
vf1-37 I was the only one who remained sitting 
vf1-38 We'll have to watch our chances 
vf1-39 The ship should be in within a week or ten days 
vf1-40 I suppose you wonder why she is coming up here  
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