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Phoneme Coverage Prompts - 21
User: Anonymous
Date: 9/14/2014 7:09 pm
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vf21-01 It's a Yankee, Joan cried
vf21-02 He was the leader, and Tudor was his lieutenant
vf21-03 They likewise are disinclined to being eaten

vf21-04 But to culture the Revolution thus far had exhausted the Junta
vf21-05 The President of the United States was his friend
vf21-06 Your face was the personification of duplicity
vf21-07 Shorty turned to their employers
vf21-08 You were engaged
vf21-09 I saw it all myself, and it was splendid
vf21-10 Now run along, and tell them to hurry
vf21-11 What's that grub-thief got to do with it
vf21-12 It was a superb picture
vf21-13 So she said, the irate skipper dashed on
vf21-14 And watch out for wet feet, was his parting advice
vf21-15 Raoul yelled, in order to make himself heard
vf21-16 Oolong was two hundred and fifty miles from the nearest land
vf21-17 They just lay off in the bush and plugged away
vf21-18 The very thought of the effort to swim over was nauseating
vf21-19 And there was a dog that barked
vf21-20 There are four, all low, McCoy answered
vf21-21 The women they carried away with them to the Big Valley
vf21-22 The Japanese understood as we could never school ourselves or hope to understand
vf21-23 They had been on the same lay as ourselves
vf21-24 You are positively soulless, he said savagely
vf21-25 Harrison is still my chauffeur
vf21-26 The boy grew and prospered
vf21-27 He wanted to give the finish to this foe already so far gone
vf21-28 Exciting times are the lot of the fish patrol
vf21-29 I know they are my oysters
vf21-30 By this time Charley was as enraged as the Greek
vf21-31 They must have been swept away by the chaotic currents
vf21-32 It resembled tea less than lager beer resembles champagne
vf21-33 The very opposite is true; they are discouraged vagabonds
vf21-34 At the same time spears and arrows began to fall among the invaders
vf21-35 Then, again, Tudor had such an irritating way about him
vf21-36 Outwardly, he maintained a calm and smiling aspect
vf21-37 Tudor surveyed him with withering disgust
vf21-38 You fired me out of your house, in short
vf21-39 Her mouth opened, but instead of speaking she drew a long sigh
vf21-40 It's worth eight dollar

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