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2007: Software client to permit users to record and submit their speech audio to the VoxForge web site
User: kmaclean
Date: 3/6/2007 12:04 pm
Views: 4445
Rating: 14

VoxForge needs the ability to let users record their speech and submit the audio (in uncompressed wav format) to the WebGUI collaboration system.  VoxForge requires users to read prompts for the creation of a speech copora for the VoxForge project.  But the client application could be generalized as an audio messaging/voicemail system (using a compressed audio format like Speex).

In addition, if a client with a generalized the API can be created, this kind of app might be useful for other open source projects (Moodle, an education CMS, has some threads where they discuss a similar app, but they are using Flash based recorder that can't record uncompressed Wav.  There is a Java Applets version, based on the Sun Sound Demo app, but it is still very alpha).

This post provides some background on this project idea.