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convert .mfc on sphinx into .mfc of htk
User: sagarvenkata
Date: 2/6/2010 11:47 am
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I have .mfc files of RM1 database which are working fine in sphinx asr.

when using the same .mfc file in HTK it is giving following error


File: ./rm1/cal0_3/st0722.mfc
  ERROR [+6313]  OpenParmChannel: cannot read HTK Header in File ./rm1/cal0_3/st0722.mfc
  ERROR [+6313]  OpenAsChannel: OpenParmChannel failed
  ERROR [+6316]  OpenBuffer: OpenAsChannel failed
  ERROR [+3250]  ProcessFile: Config parameters invalid
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program HVite


Can you please explain what to do.


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: convert .mfc on sphinx into .mfc of htk
User: nsh
Date: 2/6/2010 3:49 pm
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