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Latin Speech Files

Latin IPA FLAC files, section 'xcn'
User: ralfherzog
Date: 3/18/2011 7:31 am
Views: 2151
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Speaker Characteristics:

Gender: male;
Age range: adult;
Pronunciation dialect: Latin (Standard German)

Recording Information:

Microphone make: Sennheiser PC 131;
Microphone type: noise canceling headset;
Audio card make: Andrea USB adapter;
Audio card type: USB;
Audio Recording Software: Audacity 1.3.12;
O/S: Ubuntu 10.10 (64-bit).

File Info:

File type: FLAC;
Sampling rate: 16kHz;
Sample rate format: 16bit;
Number of channels: 1;
Audio Processing: no


kɛːpaʀiː CAEPARIE
kɛːpaʀiːʔiː CAEPARII
kɛːpaʀiːʔɪs CAEPARIIS
kɛːpaʀɪoː CAEPARIO
kɛːpaʀɪoːʀʊm CAEPARIORUM
kɛːpaʀɪoːs CAEPARIOS
kɛːpaʀiːʊm CAEPARIUM
kɛːpaʀiːʊs CAEPARIUS
kɛːpɪoː CAEPIO
kɛːpjoːnəm CAEPIONEM
kɛːpjoːnəs CAEPIONES
kɛːpɪoːniː CAEPIONI
kɛːpɪoːniːbʊs CAEPIONIBUS
kɛːpɪoːnɪs CAEPIONIS
kɛːpɪoːnʊm CAEPIONUM
kɛːpaː CAEPA
kɛːpɛː CAEPAE
kɛːpaːm CAEPAM
kɛːpaʀʊm CAEPARUM
kɛːpaːs CAEPAS
kɛːpɪs CAEPIS
kɛːptaː CAEPTA
kɛːptɛː CAEPTAE
kɛːptaːm CAEPTAM
kɛːptaʀʊm CAEPTARUM
kɛːptaːs CAEPTAS
kɛːptə CAEPTE
kɛːptiː CAEPTI
kɛːptɪs CAEPTIS
kɛːptoː CAEPTO
kɛːptoːʀʊm CAEPTORUM
kɛːptoːs CAEPTOS
kɛːptuːm CAEPTUM
kɛːspəs CAESPES
kɛːspiːtə CAESPITE
kɛːspiːtəm CAESPITEM
kɛːspiːtəs CAESPITES
kɛːspiːtiː CAESPITI
kɛːspiːtiːbʊs CAESPITIBUS
kɛːspiːtɪs CAESPITIS
kɛːspiːtuːm CAESPITUM
kɛːstiːbʊs CAESTIBUS
kɛːstuː CAESTU
kɛːstuːiː CAESTUI
kɛːstuːm CAESTUM
kɛːstʊs CAESTUS
kɛːstuːʊm CAESTUUM
kɛːteːʀaː CAETERA
kɛːteːʀɛː CAETERAE
kɛːteːʀaːm CAETERAM
kɛːteːʀaʀʊm CAETERARUM
kɛːteːʀaːs CAETERAS
kɛːtəʀə CAETERE
kɛːteːʀiː CAETERI
kɛːteːʀʊm CAETERUM
kɛːtʀaː CAETRA
kɛːtʀatɛː CAETRATAE
kɛːtʀatiː CAETRATI
kɛːtʀatɪs CAETRATIS
kɛːtʀatoːʀʊm CAETRATORUM
keːpeːʀaːm CEPERAM
keːpeːʀamʊs CEPERAMUS
keːpeːʀant CEPERANT
keːpeːʀaːs CEPERAS
keːpeːʀaːt CEPERAT
keːpeːʀatɪs CEPERATIS
keːpəʀə CEPERE
keːpeːʀiːm CEPERIM
keːpeːʀiːmʊs CEPERIMUS
keːpeːʀɪnt CEPERINT
keːpeːʀɪs CEPERIS
keːpeːʀɪt CEPERIT
keːpeːʀiːtɪs CEPERITIS
keːpeːʀoː CEPERO
keːpiː CEPI
keːpiːmʊs CEPIMUS
keːpɪsə CEPISSE
keːpɪsəm CEPISSEM
keːpɪseːmʊs CEPISSEMUS
keːpɪsɛnt CEPISSENT
keːpɪsəs CEPISSES
keːpɪsət CEPISSET
keːpɪseːtɪs CEPISSETIS
keːpɪstiː CEPISTI
keːpɪstɪs CEPISTIS
keːpɪt CEPIT
keːʀɪs CERIS
kɛʀtaː CERTA
kɛʀtabaːm CERTABAM
kɛʀtabamiːniː CERTABAMINI
kɛʀtabamuːʀ CERTABAMUR
kɛʀtabamʊs CERTABAMUS
kɛʀtabant CERTABANT
kɛʀtabantuːʀ CERTABANTUR
kɛʀtaːbaːʀ CERTABAR
kɛʀtabaʀɪs CERTABARIS
kɛʀtabaːs CERTABAS
kɛʀtabaːt CERTABAT
kɛʀtabatɪs CERTABATIS
kɛʀtabatuːʀ CERTABATUR
kɛʀtabeːʀɪs CERTABERIS
kɛʀtabiːmiːniː CERTABIMINI
kɛʀtabiːmuːʀ CERTABIMUR
kɛʀtabiːmʊs CERTABIMUS
kɛʀtabɪs CERTABIS
kɛʀtabɪt CERTABIT
kɛʀtabiːtɪs CERTABITIS
kɛʀtabiːtuːʀ CERTABITUR
kɛʀtaboː CERTABO
kɛʀtaboːʀ CERTABOR
kɛʀtabʊnt CERTABUNT
kɛʀtabʊntuːʀ CERTABUNTUR
kɛʀtɛː CERTAE
kɛʀtaɪ̯ CERTAI
kɛʀtaːm CERTAM
kɛʀtaːmən CERTAMEN
kɛʀtamiːnaː CERTAMINA
kɛʀtamiːniː CERTAMINI
kɛʀtamiːniːbʊs CERTAMINIBUS
kɛʀtamiːnɪs CERTAMINIS
kɛʀtamiːnʊm CERTAMINUM
kɛʀtamuːʀ CERTAMUR
kɛʀtamʊs CERTAMUS
kɛʀtandaː CERTANDA
kɛʀtandɛː CERTANDAE
kɛʀtandaːm CERTANDAM
kɛʀtandaʀʊm CERTANDARUM
kɛʀtandaːs CERTANDAS
kɛʀtandə CERTANDE
kɛʀtandiː CERTANDI
kɛʀtandɪs CERTANDIS
kɛʀtandoː CERTANDO
kɛʀtandoːʀʊm CERTANDORUM
kɛʀtandoːs CERTANDOS
kɛʀtandʊm CERTANDUM
kɛʀtaːns CERTANS
kɛʀtant CERTANT
kɛʀtantə CERTANTE
kɛʀtantəm CERTANTEM
kɛʀtantəs CERTANTES
kɛʀtantiː CERTANTI
kɛʀtantiːaː CERTANTIA
kɛʀtantiːbʊs CERTANTIBUS
kɛʀtantɪs CERTANTIS
kɛʀtantiːʊm CERTANTIUM
kɛʀtantoː CERTANTO
kɛʀtantuːʀ CERTANTUR
kɛʀtaʀaːm CERTARAM
kɛʀtaʀamʊs CERTARAMUS
kɛʀtaʀant CERTARANT
kɛʀtaʀaːs CERTARAS
kɛʀtaʀaːt CERTARAT
kɛʀtaʀatɪs CERTARATIS
kɛʀtaːʀə CERTARE
kɛʀtaːʀəm CERTAREM
kɛʀtaʀeːmiːniː CERTAREMINI
kɛʀtaʀeːmuːʀ CERTAREMUR
kɛʀtaʀeːmʊs CERTAREMUS
kɛʀtaʀɛnt CERTARENT
kɛʀtaʀɛntuːʀ CERTARENTUR
kɛʀtaːʀɐ CERTARER
kɛʀtaʀeːʀɪs CERTARERIS
kɛʀtaːʀəs CERTARES
kɛʀtaːʀət CERTARET
kɛʀtaʀeːtɪs CERTARETIS
kɛʀtaʀeːtuːʀ CERTARETUR
kɛʀtaʀiː CERTARI
kɛʀtaʀiːm CERTARIM
kɛʀtaʀiːmʊs CERTARIMUS
kɛʀtaʀɪnt CERTARINT
kɛʀtaʀɪs CERTARIS
kɛʀtaʀɪt CERTARIT
kɛʀtaʀiːtɪs CERTARITIS
kɛʀtaʀoː CERTARO
kɛʀtaʀʊm CERTARUM
kɛʀtaːs CERTAS
kɛʀtasə CERTASSE
kɛʀtasəm CERTASSEM
kɛʀtaseːmʊs CERTASSEMUS
kɛʀtasɛnt CERTASSENT
kɛʀtasəs CERTASSES
kɛʀtasət CERTASSET
kɛʀtaseːtɪs CERTASSETIS
kɛʀtastiː CERTASTI
kɛʀtastɪs CERTASTIS
kɛʀtaːt CERTAT
kɛʀtataː CERTATA
kɛʀtatɛː CERTATAE
kɛʀtataːm CERTATAM
kɛʀtataʀʊm CERTATARUM
kɛʀtataːs CERTATAS
kɛʀtaːtə CERTATE
kɛʀtatiː CERTATI
kɛʀtatiːm CERTATIM
kɛʀtatɪs CERTATIS
kɛʀtatoː CERTATO
kɛʀtatoːʀʊm CERTATORUM
kɛʀtatoːs CERTATOS
kɛʀtatoːtə CERTATOTE
kɛʀtatuː CERTATU
kɛʀtatuːm CERTATUM
kɛʀtatuːʀ CERTATUR
kɛʀtatuːʀaː CERTATURA
kɛʀtatuːʀɛː CERTATURAE
kɛʀtatuːʀaːm CERTATURAM
kɛʀtatuːʀaʀʊm CERTATURARUM
kɛʀtatuːʀaːs CERTATURAS
kɛʀtatuːʀə CERTATURE
kɛʀtatuːʀiː CERTATURI
kɛʀtatuːʀɪs CERTATURIS
kɛʀtatuːʀoː CERTATURO
kɛʀtatuːʀoːʀʊm CERTATURORUM
kɛʀtatuːʀoːs CERTATUROS
kɛʀtatuːʀʊm CERTATURUM
kɛʀtaveːʀaːm CERTAVERAM
kɛʀtaveːʀamʊs CERTAVERAMUS
kɛʀtaveːʀant CERTAVERANT
kɛʀtaveːʀaːs CERTAVERAS
kɛʀtaveːʀaːt CERTAVERAT
kɛʀtaveːʀatɪs CERTAVERATIS
kɛʀtaːvəʀə CERTAVERE
kɛʀtaveːʀiːm CERTAVERIM
kɛʀtaveːʀiːmʊs CERTAVERIMUS
kɛʀtaveːʀɪnt CERTAVERINT
kɛʀtaveːʀɪs CERTAVERIS
kɛʀtaveːʀɪt CERTAVERIT
kɛʀtaveːʀiːtɪs CERTAVERITIS
kɛʀtaveːʀoː CERTAVERO
kɛʀtaviː CERTAVI
kɛʀtaviːmʊs CERTAVIMUS
kɛʀtavɪsə CERTAVISSE
kɛʀtavɪsəm CERTAVISSEM
kɛʀtavɪseːmʊs CERTAVISSEMUS
kɛʀtavɪsɛnt CERTAVISSENT
kɛʀtavɪsəs CERTAVISSES
kɛʀtavɪsət CERTAVISSET
kɛʀtavɪseːtɪs CERTAVISSETIS
kɛʀtavɪstiː CERTAVISTI
kɛʀtavɪstɪs CERTAVISTIS
kɛʀtavɪt CERTAVIT
kɛʀtə CERTE
kɛʀteːbant CERTEBANT
kɛʀtəm CERTEM
kɛʀteːmiːniː CERTEMINI
kɛʀteːmʊs CERTEMUS
kɛʀtɐ CERTER
keːʀʊsaː CERUSSA
keːʀʊsɛː CERUSSAE
keːʀʊsaːm CERUSSAM
keːʀʊsaʀʊm CERUSSARUM
keːʀʊsaːs CERUSSAS
keːʀʊsɪs CERUSSIS
kɛspəs CESPES
kɛspiːtə CESPITE
kɛspiːtəm CESPITEM
kɛspiːtəs CESPITES
kɛspiːtiː CESPITI
kɛspiːtiːbʊs CESPITIBUS
kɛspiːtɪs CESPITIS
kɛspiːtuːm CESPITUM
kɛsaː CESSA
kɛsabaːm CESSABAM
kɛsabamiːniː CESSABAMINI
kɛsabamuːʀ CESSABAMUR
kɛsabamʊs CESSABAMUS
kɛsabant CESSABANT
kɛsabantuːʀ CESSABANTUR
kɛsaːbaːʀ CESSABAR
kɛsabaʀɪs CESSABARIS
kɛsabaːs CESSABAS
kɛsabaːt CESSABAT
kɛsabatɪs CESSABATIS
kɛsabatuːʀ CESSABATUR
kɛsabeːʀɪs CESSABERIS
kɛsabiːmiːniː CESSABIMINI
kɛsabiːmuːʀ CESSABIMUR
kɛsabiːmʊs CESSABIMUS
kɛsabɪs CESSABIS
kɛsabɪt CESSABIT
kɛsabiːtɪs CESSABITIS
kɛsabiːtuːʀ CESSABITUR
kɛsaboː CESSABO
kɛsaboːʀ CESSABOR
kɛsabʊnt CESSABUNT
kɛsabʊntuːʀ CESSABUNTUR
kɛsɛː CESSAE
kɛsaɪ̯ CESSAI
kɛsaːm CESSAM
kɛsamiːniː CESSAMINI
kɛsamuːʀ CESSAMUR
kɛsamʊs CESSAMUS
kɛsandaː CESSANDA
kɛsandɛː CESSANDAE
kɛsandaːm CESSANDAM
kɛsandaʀʊm CESSANDARUM
kɛsandaːs CESSANDAS
kɛsandə CESSANDE
kɛsandiː CESSANDI
kɛsandɪs CESSANDIS
kɛsandoː CESSANDO
kɛsandoːʀʊm CESSANDORUM
kɛsandoːs CESSANDOS
kɛsandʊm CESSANDUM
kɛsaːns CESSANS
kɛsant CESSANT
kɛsantə CESSANTE
kɛsantəm CESSANTEM
kɛsantəs CESSANTES
kɛsantiː CESSANTI
kɛsantiːaː CESSANTIA
kɛsantiːbʊs CESSANTIBUS
kɛsantɪs CESSANTIS
kɛsantiːʊm CESSANTIUM
kɛsantoː CESSANTO
kɛsantuːʀ CESSANTUR
kɛsaʀaːm CESSARAM
kɛsaʀamʊs CESSARAMUS
kɛsaʀant CESSARANT
kɛsaʀaːs CESSARAS
kɛsaʀaːt CESSARAT
kɛsaʀatɪs CESSARATIS
kɛsaːʀə CESSARE
kɛsaːʀəm CESSAREM
kɛsaʀeːmiːniː CESSAREMINI
kɛsaʀeːmuːʀ CESSAREMUR
kɛsaʀeːmʊs CESSAREMUS
kɛsaʀɛnt CESSARENT
kɛsaʀɛntuːʀ CESSARENTUR
kɛsaːʀɐ CESSARER
kɛsaʀeːʀɪs CESSARERIS
kɛsaːʀəs CESSARES
kɛsaːʀət CESSARET
kɛsaʀeːtɪs CESSARETIS
kɛsaʀeːtuːʀ CESSARETUR
kɛsaʀiː CESSARI
kɛsaʀiːm CESSARIM
kɛsaʀiːmʊs CESSARIMUS
kɛsaʀɪnt CESSARINT
kɛsaʀɪs CESSARIS
kɛsaʀɪt CESSARIT
kɛsaʀiːtɪs CESSARITIS
kɛsaʀoː CESSARO
kɛsaʀʊm CESSARUM
kɛsaːs CESSAS
kɛsaseːmʊs CESSASSEMUS
kɛsaseːtɪs CESSASSETIS
kɛsastiː CESSASTI
kɛsastɪs CESSASTIS
kɛsaːt CESSAT
kɛsataː CESSATA
kɛsatɛː CESSATAE
kɛsataːm CESSATAM
kɛsataʀʊm CESSATARUM
kɛsataːs CESSATAS
kɛsaːtə CESSATE
kɛsatiː CESSATI
kɛsatɪs CESSATIS
kɛsatoː CESSATO
kɛsatoːʀʊm CESSATORUM
kɛsatoːs CESSATOS
kɛsatoːtə CESSATOTE
kɛsatuː CESSATU
kɛsatuːm CESSATUM
kɛsatuːʀ CESSATUR
kɛsatuːʀaː CESSATURA
kɛsatuːʀɛː CESSATURAE
kɛsatuːʀaːm CESSATURAM
kɛsatuːʀaʀʊm CESSATURARUM
kɛsatuːʀaːs CESSATURAS
kɛsatuːʀə CESSATURE
kɛsatuːʀiː CESSATURI
kɛsatuːʀɪs CESSATURIS
kɛsatuːʀoː CESSATURO
kɛsatuːʀoːʀʊm CESSATURORUM
kɛsatuːʀoːs CESSATUROS
kɛsatuːʀʊm CESSATURUM
kɛsaveːʀaːm CESSAVERAM
kɛsaveːʀamʊs CESSAVERAMUS
kɛsaveːʀant CESSAVERANT
kɛsaveːʀaːs CESSAVERAS
kɛsaveːʀaːt CESSAVERAT
kɛsaveːʀatɪs CESSAVERATIS
kɛsaːvəʀə CESSAVERE
kɛsaveːʀiːm CESSAVERIM
kɛsaveːʀiːmʊs CESSAVERIMUS
kɛsaveːʀɪnt CESSAVERINT
kɛsaveːʀɪs CESSAVERIS
kɛsaveːʀɪt CESSAVERIT
kɛsaveːʀiːtɪs CESSAVERITIS
kɛsaveːʀoː CESSAVERO
kɛsaviː CESSAVI
kɛsaviːmʊs CESSAVIMUS
kɛsavɪseːmʊs CESSAVISSEMUS
kɛsavɪseːtɪs CESSAVISSETIS
kɛsavɪstiː CESSAVISTI
kɛsavɪstɪs CESSAVISTIS
kɛsavɪt CESSAVIT
kɛsə CESSE
kɛsəm CESSEM
kɛseːmiːniː CESSEMINI
kɛseːmuːʀ CESSEMUR
kɛseːmʊs CESSEMUS
kɛsɛnt CESSENT
kɛsəntuːʀ CESSENTUR
kɛseːʀaːm CESSERAM
kɛseːʀamʊs CESSERAMUS
kɛseːʀant CESSERANT
kɛseːʀaːs CESSERAS
kɛseːʀaːt CESSERAT
kɛseːʀatɪs CESSERATIS
kɛsəʀə CESSERE
kɛseːʀiːm CESSERIM
kɛseːʀiːmʊs CESSERIMUS
kɛseːʀɪnt CESSERINT
kɛseːʀɪs CESSERIS
kɛseːʀɪt CESSERIT
kɛseːʀiːtɪs CESSERITIS
kɛseːʀoː CESSERO
kɛsəs CESSES
kɛsət CESSET
kɛseːtɪs CESSETIS
kɛseːtuːʀ CESSETUR
kɛsiː CESSI
kɛsiːmʊs CESSIMUS
kɛsɪoː CESSIO
kɛsjoːnəm CESSIONEM
kɛsjoːnəs CESSIONES
kɛsɪoːniː CESSIONI
kɛsɪoːniːbʊs CESSIONIBUS
kɛsɪoːnɪs CESSIONIS
kɛsɪoːnʊm CESSIONUM
kɛsɪs CESSIS
kɛsɪseːmʊs CESSISSEMUS
kɛsɪseːtɪs CESSISSETIS
kɛsɪstiː CESSISTI
kɛsɪstɪs CESSISTIS
kɛsɪt CESSIT
kɛsoː CESSO
kɛsoːʀ CESSOR
kɛsoːʀʊm CESSORUM
kɛsoːs CESSOS
kɛsuː CESSU
kɛsʊm CESSUM
kɛsuːʀaː CESSURA
kɛsuːʀɛː CESSURAE
kɛsuːʀaːm CESSURAM
kɛsuːʀaʀʊm CESSURARUM
kɛsuːʀaːs CESSURAS
kɛsuːʀə CESSURE
kɛsuːʀiː CESSURI
kɛsuːʀɪs CESSURIS
kɛsuːʀoː CESSURO
kɛsuːʀoːʀʊm CESSURORUM
kɛsuːʀoːs CESSUROS
kɛsuːʀʊm CESSURUM
keːtə CETE
keːteːʀaː CETERA
keːteːʀɛː CETERAE
keːteːʀaːm CETERAM
keːteːʀaʀʊm CETERARUM
keːteːʀaːs CETERAS
keːtəʀə CETERE
keːteːʀiː CETERI
keːteːʀʊm CETERUM
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯ə CREPEREIE
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯iː CREPEREII
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯ɪs CREPEREIIS
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯oː CREPEREIO
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯oːʀʊm CREPEREIORUM
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯oːs CREPEREIOS
kʀeːpeːʀaɪ̯ʊm CREPEREIUM
kʀeːpeːʀiː CREPERIE
kʀeːpeːʀiːʔiː CREPERII
kʀeːpeːʀiːʔɪs CREPERIIS
kʀeːpeːʀɪoː CREPERIO
kʀeːpeːʀɪoːʀʊm CREPERIORUM
kʀeːpeːʀɪoːs CREPERIOS
kʀeːpeːʀiːʊm CREPERIUM
kʀeːpeːʀiːʊs CREPERIUS
kʀɛsaː CRESSA
kʀeːtɛːaː CRETAEA
kʀeːʀɪs CREERIS
kʀeːs CREES
kʀeːt CREET
kʀeːpaː CREPA
kʀeːpabaːm CREPABAM
kʀeːpabamiːniː CREPABAMINI
kʀeːpabamuːʀ CREPABAMUR
kʀeːpabamʊs CREPABAMUS
kʀeːpabant CREPABANT
kʀeːpabantuːʀ CREPABANTUR
kʀeːpaːbaːʀ CREPABAR
kʀeːpabaʀɪs CREPABARIS
kʀeːpabaːs CREPABAS
kʀeːpabaːt CREPABAT
kʀeːpabatɪs CREPABATIS
kʀeːpabatuːʀ CREPABATUR
kʀeːpabeːʀɪs CREPABERIS
kʀeːpabiːmiːniː CREPABIMINI
kʀeːpabiːmuːʀ CREPABIMUR
kʀeːpabiːmʊs CREPABIMUS
kʀeːpabɪs CREPABIS
kʀeːpabɪt CREPABIT
kʀeːpabiːtɪs CREPABITIS
kʀeːpabiːtuːʀ CREPABITUR
kʀeːpaboː CREPABO
kʀeːpaboːʀ CREPABOR
kʀeːpabʊnt CREPABUNT
kʀeːpabʊntuːʀ CREPABUNTUR
kʀeːpamiːniː CREPAMINI
kʀeːpamuːʀ CREPAMUR
kʀeːpamʊs CREPAMUS
kʀeːpandaː CREPANDA
kʀeːpandɛː CREPANDAE
kʀeːpandaːm CREPANDAM
kʀeːpandaʀʊm CREPANDARUM
kʀeːpandaːs CREPANDAS
kʀeːpandə CREPANDE
kʀeːpandiː CREPANDI
kʀeːpandɪs CREPANDIS
kʀeːpandoː CREPANDO
kʀeːpandoːʀʊm CREPANDORUM
kʀeːpandoːs CREPANDOS
kʀeːpandʊm CREPANDUM
kʀeːpaːns CREPANS
kʀeːpant CREPANT
kʀeːpantə CREPANTE
kʀeːpantəm CREPANTEM
kʀeːpantəs CREPANTES
kʀeːpantiː CREPANTI
kʀeːpantiːaː CREPANTIA
kʀeːpantiːbʊs CREPANTIBUS
kʀeːpantɪs CREPANTIS
kʀeːpantiːʊm CREPANTIUM
kʀeːpantoː CREPANTO
kʀeːpantuːʀ CREPANTUR
kʀeːpaːʀə CREPARE
kʀeːpaːʀəm CREPAREM
kʀeːpaʀeːmiːniː CREPAREMINI
kʀeːpaʀeːmuːʀ CREPAREMUR
kʀeːpaʀeːmʊs CREPAREMUS
kʀeːpaʀɛnt CREPARENT
kʀeːpaʀɛntuːʀ CREPARENTUR
kʀeːpaːʀɐ CREPARER
kʀeːpaʀeːʀɪs CREPARERIS
kʀeːpaːʀəs CREPARES
kʀeːpaːʀət CREPARET
kʀeːpaʀeːtɪs CREPARETIS
kʀeːpaʀeːtuːʀ CREPARETUR
kʀeːpaʀiː CREPARI
kʀeːpaʀɪs CREPARIS
kʀeːpaːs CREPAS
kʀeːpaːt CREPAT
kʀeːpaːtə CREPATE
kʀeːpatɪs CREPATIS
kʀeːpatoː CREPATO
kʀeːpatoːtə CREPATOTE
kʀeːpatuːʀ CREPATUR
kʀeːpatuːʀaː CREPATURA
kʀeːpatuːʀɛː CREPATURAE
kʀeːpatuːʀaːm CREPATURAM
kʀeːpatuːʀaʀʊm CREPATURARUM
kʀeːpatuːʀaːs CREPATURAS
kʀeːpatuːʀɪs CREPATURIS
kʀeːpəm CREPEM
kʀeːpeːmiːniː CREPEMINI
kʀeːpeːmuːʀ CREPEMUR
kʀeːpeːmʊs CREPEMUS
kʀeːpɛnt CREPENT
kʀeːpəntuːʀ CREPENTUR
kʀeːpeːʀɪs CREPERIS
kʀeːpəs CREPES
kʀeːpət CREPET
kʀeːpeːtɪs CREPETIS
kʀeːpeːtuːʀ CREPETUR
kʀeːpiːdaː CREPIDA
kʀeːpiːdɛː CREPIDAE
kʀeːpiːdaːm CREPIDAM
kʀeːpiːdaʀʊm CREPIDARUM
kʀeːpiːdaːs CREPIDAS
kʀeːpiːdɪnəm CREPIDINEM
kʀeːpiːdɪnəs CREPIDINES
kʀeːpiːdiːniː CREPIDINI
kʀeːpiːdiːniːbʊs CREPIDINIBUS
kʀeːpiːdiːnɪs CREPIDINIS
kʀeːpiːdiːnʊm CREPIDINUM
kʀeːpiːdɪs CREPIDIS
kʀeːpiːdoː CREPIDO
kʀeːpiːtaː CREPITA
kʀeːpiːtabaːm CREPITABAM
kʀeːpiːtabamiːniː CREPITABAMINI
kʀeːpiːtabamuːʀ CREPITABAMUR
kʀeːpiːtabamʊs CREPITABAMUS
kʀeːpiːtabant CREPITABANT
kʀeːpiːtabantuːʀ CREPITABANTUR
kʀeːpiːtaːbaːʀ CREPITABAR
kʀeːpiːtabaʀɪs CREPITABARIS
kʀeːpiːtabaːs CREPITABAS
kʀeːpiːtabaːt CREPITABAT
kʀeːpiːtabatɪs CREPITABATIS
kʀeːpiːtabatuːʀ CREPITABATUR
kʀeːpiːtabeːʀɪs CREPITABERIS
kʀeːpiːtabiːmiːniː CREPITABIMINI
kʀeːpiːtabiːmuːʀ CREPITABIMUR
kʀeːpiːtabiːmʊs CREPITABIMUS
kʀeːpiːtabɪs CREPITABIS
kʀeːpiːtabɪt CREPITABIT
kʀeːpiːtabiːtɪs CREPITABITIS
kʀeːpiːtabiːtuːʀ CREPITABITUR
kʀeːpiːtaboː CREPITABO
kʀeːpiːtaboːʀ CREPITABOR
kʀeːpiːtabʊnt CREPITABUNT
kʀeːpiːtabʊntuːʀ CREPITABUNTUR
kʀeːpiːtɛː CREPITAE
kʀeːpiːtaɪ̯ CREPITAI
kʀeːpiːtaːm CREPITAM
kʀeːpiːtamiːniː CREPITAMINI
kʀeːpiːtamuːʀ CREPITAMUR
kʀeːpiːtamʊs CREPITAMUS
kʀeːpiːtandaː CREPITANDA
kʀeːpiːtandɛː CREPITANDAE
kʀeːpiːtandaːm CREPITANDAM
kʀeːpiːtandaʀʊm CREPITANDARUM
kʀeːpiːtandaːs CREPITANDAS
kʀeːpiːtandə CREPITANDE
kʀeːpiːtandiː CREPITANDI
kʀeːpiːtandɪs CREPITANDIS
kʀeːpiːtandoː CREPITANDO
kʀeːpiːtandoːʀʊm CREPITANDORUM
kʀeːpiːtandoːs CREPITANDOS
kʀeːpiːtandʊm CREPITANDUM
kʀeːpiːtaːns CREPITANS
kʀeːpiːtant CREPITANT
kʀeːpiːtantə CREPITANTE
kʀeːpiːtantəm CREPITANTEM
kʀeːpiːtantəs CREPITANTES
kʀeːpiːtantiː CREPITANTI
kʀeːpiːtantiːaː CREPITANTIA
kʀeːpiːtantiːbʊs CREPITANTIBUS
kʀeːpiːtantɪs CREPITANTIS
kʀeːpiːtantiːʊm CREPITANTIUM
kʀeːpiːtantoː CREPITANTO
kʀeːpiːtantuːʀ CREPITANTUR
kʀeːpiːtaʀaːm CREPITARAM
kʀeːpiːtaʀamʊs CREPITARAMUS
kʀeːpiːtaʀant CREPITARANT
kʀeːpiːtaʀaːs CREPITARAS
kʀeːpiːtaʀaːt CREPITARAT
kʀeːpiːtaʀatɪs CREPITARATIS
kʀeːpiːtaːʀə CREPITARE
kʀeːpiːtaːʀəm CREPITAREM
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːmiːniː CREPITAREMINI
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːmuːʀ CREPITAREMUR
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːmʊs CREPITAREMUS
kʀeːpiːtaʀɛnt CREPITARENT
kʀeːpiːtaʀəntuːʀ CREPITARENTUR
kʀeːpiːtaːʀɐ CREPITARER
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːʀɪs CREPITARERIS
kʀeːpiːtaːʀəs CREPITARES
kʀeːpiːtaːʀət CREPITARET
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːtɪs CREPITARETIS
kʀeːpiːtaʀeːtuːʀ CREPITARETUR
kʀeːpiːtaʀiː CREPITARI
kʀeːpiːtaʀiːm CREPITARIM
kʀeːpiːtaʀiːmʊs CREPITARIMUS
kʀeːpiːtaʀɪnt CREPITARINT
kʀeːpiːtaʀɪs CREPITARIS
kʀeːpiːtaʀɪt CREPITARIT
kʀeːpiːtaʀiːtɪs CREPITARITIS
kʀeːpiːtaʀoː CREPITARO
kʀeːpiːtaʀʊm CREPITARUM
kʀeːpiːtaːs CREPITAS
kʀeːpiːtasə CREPITASSE
kʀeːpiːtasəm CREPITASSEM
kʀeːpiːtaseːmʊs CREPITASSEMUS
kʀeːpiːtasɛnt CREPITASSENT
kʀeːpiːtasəs CREPITASSES
kʀeːpiːtasət CREPITASSET
kʀeːpiːtaseːtɪs CREPITASSETIS
kʀeːpiːtastiː CREPITASTI
kʀeːpiːtastɪs CREPITASTIS
kʀeːpiːtaːt CREPITAT
kʀeːpiːtataː CREPITATA
kʀeːpiːtatɛː CREPITATAE
kʀeːpiːtataːm CREPITATAM
kʀeːpiːtataʀʊm CREPITATARUM
kʀeːpiːtataːs CREPITATAS
kʀeːpiːtaːtə CREPITATE
kʀeːpiːtatiː CREPITATI
kʀeːpiːtatɪs CREPITATIS
kʀeːpiːtatoː CREPITATO
kʀeːpiːtatoːʀʊm CREPITATORUM
kʀeːpiːtatoːs CREPITATOS
kʀeːpiːtatoːtə CREPITATOTE
kʀeːpiːtatuː CREPITATU
kʀeːpiːtatuːm CREPITATUM
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀ CREPITATUR
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀaː CREPITATURA
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀɛː CREPITATURAE
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀaːm CREPITATURAM
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀaʀʊm CREPITATURARUM
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀaːs CREPITATURAS
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀə CREPITATURE
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀiː CREPITATURI
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀɪs CREPITATURIS
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀoː CREPITATURO
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀoːʀʊm CREPITATURORUM
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀoːs CREPITATUROS
kʀeːpiːtatuːʀʊm CREPITATURUM
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀaːm CREPITAVERAM
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀamʊs CREPITAVERAMUS
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀant CREPITAVERANT
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀaːs CREPITAVERAS
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀaːt CREPITAVERAT
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀatɪs CREPITAVERATIS
kʀeːpiːtaːvəʀə CREPITAVERE
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀiːm CREPITAVERIM
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀiːmʊs CREPITAVERIMUS
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀɪnt CREPITAVERINT
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀɪs CREPITAVERIS
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀɪt CREPITAVERIT
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀiːtɪs CREPITAVERITIS
kʀeːpiːtaveːʀoː CREPITAVERO
kʀeːpiːtaviː CREPITAVI
kʀeːpiːtaviːmʊs CREPITAVIMUS
kʀeːpiːtavɪsə CREPITAVISSE
kʀeːpiːtavɪsəm CREPITAVISSEM
kʀeːpiːtavɪseːmʊs CREPITAVISSEMUS
kʀeːpiːtavɪsɛnt CREPITAVISSENT
kʀeːpiːtavɪsəs CREPITAVISSES
kʀeːpiːtavɪsət CREPITAVISSET
kʀeːpiːtavɪseːtɪs CREPITAVISSETIS
kʀeːpiːtavɪstiː CREPITAVISTI
kʀeːpiːtavɪstɪs CREPITAVISTIS
kʀeːpiːtavɪt CREPITAVIT
kʀeːpiːtə CREPITE
kʀeːpiːtəm CREPITEM
kʀeːpiːteːmiːniː CREPITEMINI
kʀeːpiːteːmuːʀ CREPITEMUR
kʀeːpiːteːmʊs CREPITEMUS
kʀeːpiːtɛnt CREPITENT
kʀeːpiːtɛntuːʀ CREPITENTUR
kʀeːpiːtɐ CREPITER
kʀeːpiːteːʀɪs CREPITERIS
kʀeːpiːtəs CREPITES
kʀeːpiːtət CREPITET
kʀeːpiːteːtɪs CREPITETIS
kʀeːpiːteːtuːʀ CREPITETUR
kʀeːpiːtiː CREPITI
kʀeːpiːtiːbʊs CREPITIBUS
kʀeːpiːtɪs CREPITIS
kʀeːpiːtoː CREPITO
kʀeːpiːtoːʀ CREPITOR
kʀeːpiːtoːʀʊm CREPITORUM
kʀeːpiːtoːs CREPITOS
kʀeːpiːtuː CREPITU
kʀeːpiːtuːiː CREPITUI
kʀeːpiːtuːm CREPITUM
kʀeːpiːtuːʀaː CREPITURA
kʀeːpiːtuːʀɛː CREPITURAE
kʀeːpiːtuːʀaːm CREPITURAM
kʀeːpiːtuːʀaʀʊm CREPITURARUM
kʀeːpiːtuːʀaːs CREPITURAS
kʀeːpiːtuːʀə CREPITURE
kʀeːpiːtuːʀiː CREPITURI
kʀeːpiːtuːʀɪs CREPITURIS
kʀeːpiːtuːʀoː CREPITURO
kʀeːpiːtuːʀoːʀʊm CREPITURORUM
kʀeːpiːtuːʀoːs CREPITUROS
kʀeːpiːtuːʀʊm CREPITURUM
kʀeːpiːtuːʊm CREPITUUM
kʀeːpoː CREPO
kʀeːpoːʀ CREPOR
kʀeːpuːiː CREPUI
kʀeːpuːiːmʊs CREPUIMUS
kʀeːpuːɪsə CREPUISSE
kʀeːpuːɪsəm CREPUISSEM
kʀeːpuːɪseːmʊs CREPUISSEMUS
kʀeːpuːɪsɛnt CREPUISSENT
kʀeːpuːɪsəs CREPUISSES
kʀeːpuːɪsət CREPUISSET
kʀeːpuːɪseːtɪs CREPUISSETIS
kʀeːpuːɪstiː CREPUISTI
kʀeːpuːɪstɪs CREPUISTIS
kʀeːpuːɪt CREPUIT
kʀeːpʊskuːlaː CREPUSCULA
kʀeːpʊskuːliː CREPUSCULI
kʀeːpʊskuːlɪs CREPUSCULIS
kʀeːpʊskuːloː CREPUSCULO
kʀeːpʊskuːloːʀʊm CREPUSCULORUM
kʀeːpʊskuːlʊm CREPUSCULUM
kʀeːʀɪs CRERIS
kʀeːʀɪt CRERIT
kʀɛskaːm CRESCAM
kʀɛskamiːniː CRESCAMINI
kʀɛskamuːʀ CRESCAMUR
kʀɛskamʊs CRESCAMUS
kʀɛskant CRESCANT
kʀɛskantuːʀ CRESCANTUR
kʀɛskaːʀ CRESCAR
kʀɛskaʀɪs CRESCARIS
kʀɛskaːs CRESCAS
kʀɛskaːt CRESCAT
kʀɛskatɪs CRESCATIS
kʀɛskatuːʀ CRESCATUR
kʀɛskə CRESCE
kʀɛskeːbaːm CRESCEBAM
kʀɛskeːbamiːniː CRESCEBAMINI
kʀɛskeːbamuːʀ CRESCEBAMUR
kʀɛskeːbamʊs CRESCEBAMUS
kʀɛskeːbant CRESCEBANT
kʀɛskeːbantuːʀ CRESCEBANTUR
kʀɛskəbaːʀ CRESCEBAR
kʀɛskeːbaʀɪs CRESCEBARIS
kʀɛskeːbaːs CRESCEBAS
kʀɛskeːbaːt CRESCEBAT
kʀɛskeːbatɪs CRESCEBATIS
kʀɛskeːbatuːʀ CRESCEBATUR
kʀɛskeːmiːniː CRESCEMINI
kʀɛskeːmuːʀ CRESCEMUR
kʀɛskeːmʊs CRESCEMUS
kʀɛskɛndaː CRESCENDA
kʀɛskəndɛː CRESCENDAE
kʀɛskəndaːm CRESCENDAM
kʀɛskəndaʀʊm CRESCENDARUM
kʀɛskəndaːs CRESCENDAS
kʀɛskəndə CRESCENDE
kʀɛskɛndiː CRESCENDI
kʀɛskəndɪs CRESCENDIS
kʀɛskɛndoː CRESCENDO
kʀɛskəndoːʀʊm CRESCENDORUM
kʀɛskəndoːs CRESCENDOS
kʀɛskəndʊm CRESCENDUM
kʀɛskəns CRESCENS
kʀɛskɛnt CRESCENT
kʀɛskɛntə CRESCENTE
kʀɛskɛntəm CRESCENTEM
kʀɛskɛntəs CRESCENTES
kʀɛskɛntiː CRESCENTI
kʀɛskəntiːaː CRESCENTIA
kʀɛskəntiːbʊs CRESCENTIBUS
kʀɛskəntɪs CRESCENTIS
kʀɛskɛntiːʊm CRESCENTIUM
kʀɛskəntuːʀ CRESCENTUR
kʀɛskəʀə CRESCERE
kʀɛskəʀəm CRESCEREM
kʀɛskeːʀeːmiːniː CRESCEREMINI
kʀɛskeːʀeːmuːʀ CRESCEREMUR
kʀɛskeːʀeːmʊs CRESCEREMUS
kʀɛskeːʀɛnt CRESCERENT
kʀɛskeːʀɛntuːʀ CRESCERENTUR
kʀɛskəʀɐ CRESCERER
kʀɛskeːʀeːʀɪs CRESCERERIS
kʀɛskəʀəs CRESCERES
kʀɛskɐət CRESCERET
kʀɛskeːʀeːtɪs CRESCERETIS
kʀɛskeːʀeːtuːʀ CRESCERETUR
kʀɛskeːʀɪs CRESCERIS
kʀɛskəs CRESCES
kʀɛskət CRESCET
kʀɛskeːtɪs CRESCETIS
kʀɛskeːtuːʀ CRESCETUR
kʀɛskiː CRESCI
kʀɛskiːmiːniː CRESCIMINI
kʀɛskiːmuːʀ CRESCIMUR
kʀɛskiːmʊs CRESCIMUS
kʀɛskɪs CRESCIS
kʀɛskɪt CRESCIT
kʀɛskiːtə CRESCITE
kʀɛskiːtɪs CRESCITIS
kʀɛskiːtoː CRESCITO
kʀɛskiːtoːtə CRESCITOTE
kʀɛskiːtuːʀ CRESCITUR
kʀɛskoː CRESCO
kʀɛskoːʀ CRESCOR
kʀɛskʊnt CRESCUNT
kʀɛskʊntoː CRESCUNTO
kʀɛskʊntuːʀ CRESCUNTUR
kʀɛsə CRESSE
kʀɛsəm CRESSEM
kʀɛseːmʊs CRESSEMUS
kʀɛsɛnt CRESSENT
kʀɛsəs CRESSES
kʀɛsət CRESSET
kʀɛseːtɪs CRESSETIS
kʀɛstiː CRESTI
kʀɛstɪs CRESTIS
kʀeːt CRET
kʀeːtaː CRETA
kʀeːtakeːaː CRETACEA
kʀeːtakeːɛː CRETACEAE
kʀeːtakeːaːm CRETACEAM
kʀeːtakeːaʀʊm CRETACEARUM
kʀeːtakeːaːs CRETACEAS
kʀeːtakeː CRETACEE
kʀeːtakaɪ̯ CRETACEI
kʀeːtakaɪ̯s CRETACEIS
kʀeːtakeːoː CRETACEO
kʀeːtakeːoːʀʊm CRETACEORUM
kʀeːtakeːoːs CRETACEOS
kʀeːtakeːʊm CRETACEUM
kʀeːtakɔʏs CRETACEUS
kʀeːtɛː CRETAE
kʀeːtaːm CRETAM
kʀeːtaʀʊm CRETARUM
kʀeːtaːs CRETAS
kʀeːtə CRETE
kʊʀeːʀɪs CURRERIS
kʊʀəs CURRES
kʊʀət CURRET


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