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English Speech Files

User: speechsubmission
Date: 12/4/2015 7:19 am
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User Name:sbl

Speaker Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Age Range: Adult
Language: EN
Pronunciation dialect: American English

Recording Information:

Microphone make: n/a
Microphone type: Headset mic
Audio card make: unknown
Audio card type: unknown
Audio Recording Software: VoxForge Speech Submission Application

File Info:

File type: wav
Sampling Rate: 48000
Sample rate format: 16
Number of channels: 1


a0124 It was Jeanne singing softly over beyond the rocks.
a0125 He was determined now to maintain a more certain hold upon himself.
a0126 Each day she became a more vital part of him.
a0127 It was a temptation, but he resisted it.
a0128 This one hope was destroyed as quickly as it was born.
a0129 Her face was against his breast.
a0130 She was his now, forever.
a0131 Providence had delivered him through the maelstrom.
a0132 A cry of joy burst from Philip's lips.
a0133 Philip began to feel that he had foolishly overestimated his strength.


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Notice: many prompts in "English Speech Files" were adapted from the prompt files contained in the CMU_ARCTIC speech synthesis database, which were in turn derived from out-of-copyright texts from Project Gutenberg, by the FestVox project at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.