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Convert Acoustic Model
By fabriciofah9 - 6/22/2018 - 1 Replies

I have an 16kHz acoustic model trainned but my calls are 8kHz. It be possible to convert the acoustic model? Or convert the calls to 16kHz?



I am a fresher but i want to create a voice recognition systerm for windows
By Visitor - 1/27/2015

i want to use julius can u explain about julius..i dont know how to use that saftware and how to make interface.plz can you can me.

By mmm - 6/9/2010 - 1 Replies


i have some questions: can anyone answers me?
1- can i have ready recording files from somewhere (prompts + wav files) ?
2- is it a necessary to record files bymyself??

3- should i use test files which i recorded by myself ?because at my project i used ready files for test which i do not record?
i do not understand adaption and why we need it?
it nessecary to adaptive training?
i did not do this step
4- the website contains only 30 files for training ,do you think they are enough for a good training?