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triphone recognition error
User: uzma perveen
Date: 12/1/2018 1:44 pm
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I run following command and got following error

HVite -A  -D  -T 2 -H hmm12/macros

-H hmm12/hmmdefs  -S test.scp  -l  *    -i   recount_tri_test.mlf   -w  wdnet  -

p 0.0  -s  5.0   lexicon.txt  triphones1


  ERROR [+8231]  GetHCIModel: Cannot find hmm [???-]sd[+???]

I have checked all my files including monophones ,triphones,hmm models ,wdnet,dictionary all have sd ;I dont know what to do? tried many times whole experiment but found the same error .please help.Also i am making recognition on phoneme based and sd is one of my phoneme.